And the trip continues

It’s been a week since my last post.  I’m in Haines Junction, Yukon right now having lunch.  I left last Thursday morning on the ferry, M/V Malaspina, for Haines where I left my truck.  I continued on the same ferry to Juneau and then caught a flight to Gustavus on Wings of Alaska.  I’m not sure our pilot was old enough to drive let alone fly but we left with a full flight….the pilot and three passengers…for Gustavus to go whale watching on Friday.

We boarded the Taz with owner/captain Tod Sebens and headed into the Icy Straits near St. Adolphus.  We saw 30-35 whales.  It was fantastic!  We had several breaching and one even came up and pushed the boat sideways.

I also saw my first eagle here on a pole and the ferry terminal.

It’s time to hit the road.  I expect to be in Tok…or close by tonight and I’ll try to pick up the last four or five days when I get there.

Until next time…..

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