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Ice Cave and Auroras

This is the entrance to what our guide referred to as “the most beautiful ice cave in Iceland.”  We didn’t see any other so we don’t have a comparison but it was pretty spectacular.  To get to it, we had … Continue reading

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The Ice Beach and Lagoon

On the east coast of Iceland is Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon and beach.  We spent three nights near this place and made multiple trips there at sunrise, sunset and one night to try and capture the northern lights. The ocean washes … Continue reading

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Icelandic Sea Stacks and Landscapes

This is Vesterhorn. An iconic mountain on the northwest side of Iceland with it’s reflection on the wet black sand beach.  This is sunrise about 10am.  Here’s another view of it. We stopped at several locations of sea stacks.  Lava … Continue reading

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Auroras, Waterfalls, Sea Stacks, Ice Caves

I recently returned from two plus weeks in Iceland.  I spent a couple of days traveling independently with my son before joining a small photography group.  Iceland has been on my bucket list for some time.  This relatively small island … Continue reading

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500,000 Sandhill Cranes in one location

This past weekend, March 25 and 26th,  I was near Kearney, Nebraska at the Iain Nicholson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary photographing Sandhill Cranes. About five years ago I went to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge south of Albuquerque, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Travel Styles

Since I began traveling extensively seven years ago with a nearly two month trip to Alaska, my style of travel has adapted to fit the situation.  When I went to Alaska I drove my cargo van from Dallas and back. … Continue reading

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Wakkanai, the northernmost city in Japan!

Wakkanai, Japan’s northernmost city, is only six miles across the channel from Russia.  And it’s Russia, specifically Siberia, that influences it’s weather.  It’s the cold north wind blowing in from Siberia that brings massive amounts of snow to this area. … Continue reading

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