More drive to Anchorage…July 25, part 2

I ran out of space on my last post so I’ll continue.  I’m trying to get up to date.  Between finding time to download  pictures from my disks to resizing and adjusting them and then finding a wi-fi location, I’ve fallen behind.

Here’s a couple of shots of two moose (or is the plural of moose, meese?).  Anyway, these were located at a pond 30-40 miles outside of Tok.  I shot with my 150-500mm lens.  The closer shots were with a doubler that makes the lens a maximum of 1000mm.

I arrived in Anchorage Friday night about 6pm.  After I did my post that evening, I continued on toward Homer where I was planning to have lunch with a fellow alumnus of my Kansas high school.

I was about an hour out of Anchorage when traffic came to a stop.  There had been two serious accidents on this two lane highway. As reports moved down the line from the accident scene, we were told the road wouldn’t open until about 6am Saturday morning.  I had already pulled off the road to save gas.  At about 11:30pm I curled up in my sleeping bag in the back of the truck, set my alarm for 5am and called it a night.

I woke up about 3am and heard traffic moving so I continued on to Homer on the Kenai Peninsula arriving about 6:30am.  I found a laundry with showers and spend the morning doing my household duties before heading to my friends for lunch.

I’ll pick up the blog from there as soon as I’m able to download my pictures from the weekend.

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