Fairbanks – July 30

I stopped by the Interstate Batteries distributor’s warehouse in Anchorge yesterday about noon.  Jean had sent me a small package and it was a convenient place to pick it up.  The distributor, Verne Monette, and I visited for a while and then he invited me out to Wasilla to his cabin for dinner and a place to sleep in a bed.  I delivered a couple of batteries for him to a dealer on the way to Verne’s home.

Verne and his wife, Tammy, took me to a nice little restaurant in the middle of the lake that Verne lives on.  We took the pontoon boat, had dinner and then returned for a short tour of his neighborhood on his four-wheeler ATV.  We spent the rest of the evening visiting with neighbors in front of a huge bonfire.

While I was in Wasilla, I tried to find one of my friend Greg’s favorite ice road truckers, Lisa.  Sorry Greg, I was told she’s in Africa shooting some sort of road trip over there.  At least that’s what the guys at the NAPA store told me.

I did run into Sarah Palin at Wal-Mart.  Apparently, she was out trying to stimulate the economy.  We visited briefly about one of her favorite Republican presidents, Abe Lincoln.  She thought it was great that he was able to come back from that potentially damaging episode of cutting down the cherry tree.  At least, he told the truth about it. 🙂  (I hope I didn’t offend too many of you with that story.)

Anyway, I’m in Fairbanks and headed toward Prudhoe Bay on the Dalton Highway.  As a result, I probably won’t have another posting until Wednesday.

No pictures today.  I’ll pick them up on Wednesday.

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