North Pole – August 1, part 2

Sunday, I drove south of Fairbanks to North Pole, Alaska.  As you might guess, it is a 12 month celebration of Christmas.

This a year-round Christmas store.  The town has themed light poles, too.

Even the federal government gets involved.

Here’s the BIG guy himself.

Things can get pretty hectic as Santa and elves work toward their deadline.  The elves need some place to unwind.

A number of local businesses have got into the spirit, too.

When Santa finally decides to hang up the ‘ole sack and retire, he’s going to need a place to go.

But until or if that day ever comes, Santa has decided he needs to diversify.  Like ski and bike shops, the need to plan for the off season is important.  Santa has apparently found his niche.

Today, Monday, I drove the Denali Highway.  It’s 134 miles of mostly gravel and it’s beautiful.  I’m have pictures tomorrow.

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