Denali National Park- August 5

I arrived at Denali National Park yesterday afternoon after three days of rain in Talkeetna.  I have to catch a camper bus in 45 minutes to Wonder Lake Campground.  It is 85 miles into the park.  There are a couple of lodges 89 miles in where rooms rent for $450 per night.  I’m staying in the campground for a senior citizen rate of $8.

Last night I was at a campground near the entrance to the park.  Tomorrow I’ll return to the entrance to pick up my vehicle and then drive back into the park 30 miles where I’ll stay three nights.

I don’t know what kind of internet service there is at any of these locations so you may not have another post until I get back to the entrance.  Depending on the time, I’ll try and post tomorrow when I come back from Wonder Lake.

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