Bison hunting and more!!! August 13, part 2

So I head south out of Watson Lake and about 20 minutes down the road I start seeing the droppings from what I assumed was bison….but no bison.  I drove on..about 2 hours… and when I had just about given up, there was my herd of about 25 bison.

Careful, he’s got his eye on you!

A little further south is Liard (Lee ard) Hot Springs Provencial Park.  As I was walking out the boardwalk to the hot springs, a guy approaching me waved.  I waved back thinking he was being friendly.  When we met up he ask me, “Did you see that black bear that crossed the boardwalk behind you?”  Uh….no.

Sure enough, a small black bear was headed away from the boardwalk.  I took a picture but it wasn’t worth posting.

Anyway, the hot springs in the river range between 106 and 126 degrees.  Everyone’s in shorts and swimsuits and relaxing in the river.

A short distance further south is Smith Point waterfall.  It was sunny at the hot springs and it’s back to light rain here.

I cruised on.  I spotted this wolf approaching the road from a ravine.  I stopped and the wolf crossed the road, watching me the whole time.  I got several shots and then it disappeared into the trees.  Like I did with the moose a few days earlier, I waited and he stuck his nose above the ridge and moved back across the road again.  I got out of the truck and he came up to the edge of the ridge and look down at me.  The streaks you see in this picture is rain.

And finally, I got this shot of two Stone sheep.  It was the only picture I was able to shoot as a car came between us and scared them away.  There was a third one but all took off for higher ground.

More later….

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