Rain left…and then returned….August 15, Part 2

The rain departed and the sun came out.  I headed out to the Vermillion Lakes at the edge of Banff to take some pictures.  No particular dialogue here.  Just a couple of pictures.

Yesterday I shot these near Jasper….note the cub hidden in the grass in front of Mom.

I shot this mountain goat through the front window because he was almost in front of the truck and I was blocked in.

And one last waterfall from this morning near Lake Moraine.

And for you ladies who think all there is is beautiful mountains, waterfalls, bears, goats, whales and other creatures.  Here in Banff, there is also shopping.

Well, I no more than got this shot and returned to the library to upload this blog than the rain returned, as well.  Those poor shoppers!!!

That’s it for today….

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