Day Four of Cruise in Galapagos

We’ve been without an internet signal since leaving Puerto Ayora Sunday evening about 5pm.  RIght now, I’m sitting about 50′ for the beach at Beto’s Bar with an Equadorian Pilsner.  We have about an hour before we are due back at the center of town to go back to the ship.

Their are 15 passengers on this cruise.  A couple from Australia, another from Mhigan, a couple from Switzerland, two single ladies from Germany, a couple from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a single lady from Winnipeg, a single gentleman—my roommate–from London, a single lady form Switzerland, and a single lady who is an artillery officer in the Irish army and me.

We’ve had great weather.  We hiked quite a bit, snorkeled three times on Monday and Tuesday and climbed to the second largest calderon in the world from a volcano that last erupted in 2005.

We’re in Puerto Villemil, Isabel Island.  This is the largest island in the Galapagos.  Typically we spend the day hiking or snorkeling.  I’ve photographed hammerhead sharks underwater along with starfish the size of large dinner plates.  There have been lots of colorful fish.  We’ve also seen red-footed, blue-footed and nazca boobies, frigate birds, huge land turtles and so much more.  The signal for the wi-fi is not the strongest here but I’m going to try to put up some pictures.  If not I’ll be back in Puerto Ayora on Sunday and will try another posting with more pictures at that time.

Each day starts with breakfast at 7.  The first two days we could see reef sharks circling the boat and we’ve seen them when we were snorkeling, as well,  They won’t bother you.  Yesterday some of our group saw Ecuadorian penquins but I wasn’t in the right place and missed them.  Others have also seen various kinds of rays.

The boat has nine crew people most of whom don’t speak much English.  Our guide is great.  Speaks very good English and is extremely well-informed.

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