No Pressure, Time to have fun. Part 1

After breakfast at 6 we were on the river by 6:45.  Since we had been successful yesterday and saw two jaguars, we didn’t feel pressured to go in search of additional jaguar right off the bat.  We had given our guide, Tito, some things we hoped to accomplish during the rest of the week.  One, we wanted to see and photograph more birds, photograph giant river otters and or course, see more jaguar.

As we sped out onto the Rio Cuiaba, we saw many interesting birds.   The weather was a little cooler this morning with overcast skies.


Great Black Hawk


Pale-legged Hornero


Green Kingfisher


Rufus-tailed Jacamora


A live caiman


and a dead caiman…floating on its back with a Black Vulture preparing for dinner.

About mid-morning we returned to the location of the two jaguars we saw yesterday.  They were still there and there was a squabble going on between two males for the affection of the lone female.  You could hear the growling very plainly as the two males discussed the options.  Eventually, they came out of hiding and briefly walked along the shoreline, growling the whole time.




Sometimes it’s nice to keep a little secret but if you think our group of four were the only ones watching this argument between the jaguars, you’d be mistaken.  There was quite a crowd with everyone being polite but still jockeying for position.


After this sighting, we headed back to camp for lunch.  Then we made plans for the afternoon.  More in No Pressure, Time to have fun, Part 2.

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