Let’s Seal the Deal…

Arrived yesterday at Cape Cross, Namibia.  It’s on the west coast of Namibia and it’s home to the Cape Cross Seal Reserve.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fur seals here.  There was another entire group just over the next hill that I couldn’t see from the viewing area.  Here are a few images from my visit to the reserve.


These images don’t deliver the full magnitude of the odor that’s emanating from this gathering.  And everyone has an opinion.


Yeh!  I got the top of the rock and you can’t have it!




This is the Cape Cross Lodge and my home for one night.


The day before I was camped at Mowani Mountain Campsite.  There is a resort at the top of the mountain/hill but campers can’t use the facilities there.  Costs are $250-400 per person per night at the resort.  Less at the base of the mountain.  Here’s my campsite.


Nice and remote but during the daytime, the flies were constantly buzzing around your face.  At night, they were gone.

Driving from there to Cape Cross, I stopped a couple of times to photograph some Herero craft people in Ugab.  They make a variety of things but one of them are Herero dolls.  I bought a couple of small items so that I could take some photos.



I didn’t stop at the either of these hot spots but this town is growing with the times!


So far the Mall has one anchor store.



After passing through this area, I hit a stretch that was pretty barren.


Finally, there are four ways to deal with getting the laundry done on a trip like this.

  1. You can bring enough that you don’t have to laundry at all.  That works better if your trip is about 12 days.  That one didn’t work for me.
  2. You can send it out to the hotel front desk.  I’ve done that twice so.
  3. You can wash a few things in the bathroom sink or the wash basin outside and hang them up to dry.  I’ve done that once.
  4. You can use the alternative camp laundry method.  Or…..

You take a 2-gal ziploc bag, add cold water and some soap and a few items.


I’ve got the agitate mode down pretty well.  I can also handle the rinse mode, as well.

But I’ve got to work on the spin cycle and the tumble dry part.

At least I don’t have to do all of it this way.

Take care….





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