Kassie’s Photos

In this post I wanted to feature some of the images that were made by Kassie.  When we started this trip Kassie’s photographic experience could be classified as “point and shoot”.  She took pictures to document events and people in her life.  I loaned her one of my cameras and a couple of lens before we left for Africa.  We had one brief photo shoot together.  When we got to Botswana, most of her images were shot with her point and shoot camera or her phone.   None of these images are from her phone, though.  One of the events on our schedule was four trips (two on a boat and two game drives) where Pangolin Photo Safaris provided everyone that wanted it a Nikon camera and a Sigma 150-500mm lens to use.    They then gave them the discs out of those cameras.  She learned a lot from out guide, Charl, on this part of our trip and, I believe, it helped her get more great shots later.  All of these images are from those two sources.  She also shot some, especially the lions in Chobe National Park, with one of my cameras and my Sigma 150-500mm lens.

All of these images have been treated just as I would have treated my own.  Some have been cropped a lot, some a little and some not at all.  All have had some minor other adjustments to improve the image.  These are purely my choices and they aren’t the only good ones she shot. I ran through her images and selected these.  In fact, these may not even be Kassie’s favorites.

So here are Kassie’s photos….  Remember, you can click on any image and make it larger.

20160904-dsc06097 20160904-dsc06092 20160904-dsc06088 20160904-dsc06075 20160904-dsc06068 20160909-_g6t6810 20160908-dsc06271 20160908-_dsc8255 20160908-_dsc8245 20160908-_dsc8217 20160908-_dsc8205 20160908-_dsc8141 20160908-_dsc8096 20160908-_dsc8093 20160908-_dsc8063 20160907-dsc06238 20160906-dsc_5369 20160906-dsc_5357 20160906-dsc_5342 20160906-dsc_5167 20160906-dsc_5137 20160906-dsc_5048 20160906-dsc_5041 20160906-dsc_5008 20160906-dsc_4968 20160906-dsc_4916 20160906-dsc_4891 20160906-dsc_4856 20160906-dsc_4851 20160905-dsc06207 20160905-dsc06189 20160905-dsc06182 20160905-dsc06167 20160905-dsc06161 20160905-dsc06144

Not bad, huh?  One of the points here is that you don’t have to be a professional or even a serious amateur, like me, to get great shots.  We both have a lot of shots that no one will ever see.  They’re out of focus or show the back end of birds, animals or the framing is terrible, etc.  But this type of photography isn’t studio portraits.  You photograph what you are given and how your boat driver or game driver can set you up by getting you in position for better light or a better angle.  Unfortunately, you can’t direct the wildlife to pose to way you’d prefer.

Kassie was a great partner to travel with.  We traveled on a budget.  Of the 11 nights she and I were together, she spent four in a hotel/chalet, five in a tent on the truck and two in a tube (airplane flying here and home).

I hope you enjoy.  More to come.


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1 Response to Kassie’s Photos

  1. Jean King says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the pictures you have posted. I think Kassie did a very good job with her photos. Looks like a really good trip.

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