Final Preparation

Well, it’s Sunday and I’m in final preparation mode.  Thursday was my last day at work until September.  Friday I ran some errands but spent most of the afternoon on the phone with Time Warner and Cisco trying to get my computer working.  I wasn’t able to access the internet.  After two calls to Time Warner and three to Cisco we determined it was the wireless router that was the problem.  Saturday I was back on the phone with Cisco for the fourth time.  So far, so good.

Yesterday evening I sprayed most of my clothes with permethrin.  It’s an odorless insect repellent. It’s supposed to last through six washings and/or six weeks.  Whichever comes first.  I also have Deet for my exposed skin and a head net to help protect me from the Alaskan state bird…the mosquito.

Here is a map of my route.  The first one is from Dallas to the Canadian border north of Great Falls, Montana.  According to Mapquest, it’s 1677 miles to Great Falls.

From Great Falls, I cross into Alberta, Canada.

Here’s a map that shows the planned route from there.  I’ll go up through Calgary then on to Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper.  From there I head northwest to Prince George.  You can follow the pink marker north.  On the way home, leaving Fairbanks it’s south to Tok then east to Dawson City, Carmacks, Watson Lake, Ft. Nelson, Dawson Creek and into Edmonton and then south to Calgary and I reconnect with my original route north.

I leave Tuesday morning.  My next post will be somewhere along the road.

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