$3000 Photo

It’s been a week since I departed Dallas.   I’ve driven 3900 miles and bought about 245 gallons of gas.  I stayed in one motel, tent camped in one town park in Wyoming, one night at my sister’s house in Kansas, one night in a Wal-Mart parking lot with 20-25 other trailers and motorhomes, two nights at pulloffs in Canada and one night at a campground in Skagway.  I’ll be in the campground two more nights.

I going to show you four pictures.  Please guess which one is the $3000 photo.

Is it (a) black bear near Jasper, Alberta?

Is it (b) Elk near Douglas, Wyoming?

Is it (c) grizzly near Watson Lake, Yukon?

or is it (d) Martin at One-Stop Auto Plex in Douglas, Wyoming?

If you picked (d) then you are right!  My transmission went out about 11 miles south of Douglas on Wednesday.  I limped into town but everything was already closed.  After asking around with a variety of people I settled on Martin at the One-Stop Auto Plex.  You hear stories of travellers being ripped off by garages but I think I got treated pretty fairly by Martin.  He had my truck done by Friday at noon….loaned me a car….pointed me to free camping at the town park….and sent me hunting for a herd of elk that had been seen in the area a few days earlier.

I found the elk (19 of them), took in some other photographic sites, and didn’t have to spend a day and half sitting in Martin’s waiting area.

Then on Friday afternoon a young lady rear-ended me in Billings, Montana.  It was wet pavement and she was distracted and hit me.  It didn’t do any damage to my truck but my hitch put a hole in her plastic front bumper and pointed her lights in different directions.  Luckily, no one was injured and

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