The field of yellow is Canola…like the oil and it’s pretty common in lower Alberta.

Anyway, as a photographer, I’ve tried to learn all I could about getting close to the wildlife.  How to approach them and not be detected. After that, I’d tell you that all the pictures of bear and elk that I’ve taken in Canada so far have been shot from the truck window.  If I got out of the truck they’d probably take off.  So I cruise up close and fire away.  They don’t usually pay too much attention.  That goes for these photos of elk I shot in British Columbia.

I also located this rather common group outside of the Skagway library.  They’ve called WiFi-ers and occassionally, I can be found in this group.  THe one on the left told me was too busy to talk because he was trying to get his morning reports done before going shopping.  Hmmmm….that sounds familiar!

I also found the Sarah Palin store here in town.  There are all things Sarah: T-shirts, Christmas ornaments, calendars, plates, coffee mugs, etc.  I was going to buy a T-shirt but I couldn’t find one that said “Sarah made a better hockey Mom.”

Here’s a question for the next post.  Who ran for president with Sarah Palin?

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