Add to $3000 photo

It seems that there is a limit to how long a posting can be and I must have exceeded it on the previous post.  I also used up all my data available for free at the Skagway library.  So I’ll add this final piece and post again tomorrow if all goes well.

I’m still a newby at this.  By the time I get home I’ll probably have it figured out.

Anyway, no one was injured and after she contacted her Dad, I headed north.

The drive through Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper National Parks is phenominal.  I was rushing to make up for lost time in Wyoming and didn’t stop to take many pictures in Banff.  Planning to stop on the way back to spend more time.  I did take quite a few as I worked my way through Jasper.  That’s where I saw my first black bear.  I nearly drove off the road getting stopped, turned around and back to take some pictures.  The bear couldn’t care less about me.  He just continued eating.  That’s the one in the first picture I posted earlier.  I saw seversal more after that and it sort of became…”Oh, another black bear.”

After leaving Jasper I was headed west to camp in McBride on my way to Prince George, British Columbia but there was a bridge out due to heavy rain and flooding and I was forced to take a 500 mile detour.  That was 9 hours of driving that I hadn’t planned on.

Eventually, I got back to Prince George and continued west to a junction with Route 37…the Cassiar Highway.  That would have taken me to Hyder but I met another photographer along the road and she told me the fish weren’t running there yet and therefore there were no bears fishing.  I decided to drive on.  I spent the night in a roadside pullout north of the Hyder cutoff.  Just before reaching Watson Lake the next day is when I saw my first grizzly.  That is also the one I posted the picture of earlier.

I pushed on the Skagway.  Arriving about 8:30 last evening.  Alaska time is one hour behind the West Coast so there’s a four hour difference between Alaska and the East Coast of the US.

I hope to have some additional pictures to post tomorrow.  And a quiz.  What crop grows in Alberta and is bright yellow.  I thought it was a field of dandelions.  The answer in the next post.

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