The Pressure is Off…TIme to have fun. Part 2

After lunch we headed back out on the river looking for giant river otters, some new birds and, or course, jaguar.  _MG_3405

Toucan.  We seen a couple but I haven’t been able to get a great shot of it yet.  This one falls into that category.  Next is a red-capped cardinal.



These are capybara.  They world’s largest rodent.  Basically, they are food for jaguar, anaconda’s occasionally, and caiman.


When we approached this family, father sounded an alert when we got too close they split in multiple directions.  No two capybara went where another went.  It’s safe to split up, I guess.

A little later we came across our giant river otters.


As we followed these three giant river otters, they would duck into the undergrowth and there’d be a flury of activity.  Eventually, we say why.  They were fishing.  Some of the next pictures show these happy little fellows devouring their catch.  Warning:  Some of these pictures may be disturbing to small children and pregnant women. 🙂


After following these guys for awhile, we headed back to the lodge.  About 5pm, two fishermen, flagged us over and told our guide that a jaguar was walking along the shore.  This was the best sighting we’ve had.  This one jaguar just walked and walked.  At one point, he sat for a few minutes then continued his walk about the shore.


What a perfect end to a fabulous day of photography.

Tomorrow we are going to go looking for Black Howler Monkeys, Brown Capuchin Monkeys and more birds.

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2 Responses to The Pressure is Off…TIme to have fun. Part 2

  1. Janet says:

    Such pretty animals. Thanks Ron

  2. jadona says:

    OMG! Just awesome! The Jags are beautiful!!

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