Now THIS is a Waterfall!!

I used to live about three miles above Niagara Falls and I’ve been there dozens of times if not a few hundred.  Everyone who came to visit got a tour of Niagara Falls.  I was impressed every time I went there.  I’d still be impressed with Niagara Falls but THIS is a waterfall.  Actually, it’s waterfalls. Plural.  _I3A5175_MG_3798-Edit_MG_3766_MG_3778

Yesterday I went for my first visit.  I’m staying at the only hotel inside the national park in Brazil….It’s a very nice place called the Hotel das Cataratas.  I’m certainly paying more (a lot more!) that the $25 or $35 I would typically pay for a hostel for a place that allows me 24-hour access to the park grounds.  The park is open to the public from 9am to 5pm.  Yesterday, there were bus loads of people all along the walk ways and viewing areas.

Last night I stayed after closing…and by showing my room card to rangers…I was able to stick around until sunset.  Not a great sunset but you take what you get.


Then a little later….


And finally, about 20 minutes after the sun had set and I was getting reflection into the clouds.


This morning I was up at 5am for an official 6:25am sunrise.  Unofficially, there was a sunrise but so much overcast that there was no sun to see.  Here’s an assortment of shots I got before the crowds started showing up._I3A5131_I3A5110_I3A5100_I3A5011_MG_3804_I3A5150-Edit

When the sun did begin to break through the clouds, I got this rainbow.

This afternoon I’m scheduled to get drenched on a boat ride that takes visitors under a portion of the falls.  In reality, I don’t think we get under the falls but into a drenching mist.   Here’s one of the boats preparing to go under the falls.


More later…..

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4 Responses to Now THIS is a Waterfall!!

  1. Lin Cook says:

    The Falls are spectacular. Especially the rainbow. My favorite so far.

  2. Thanks Lin. Having a great time. I’m in San Ignacio, Argentina for two nights. I’m going to try and shoot the blood moon tonight. That is IF we have a clear sky. It’s rained since about noon yesterday and up until I left Brazil late this morning. It’s clear(er) here. San Ignacio is about 4 hours south of the Argentine/Brazil border.

  3. jadona says:


  4. Jane Boyce says:

    Hi –just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog….brings back sooo many memories that are all wonderful! So glad you are still soaking up the joys of traveling the world!! We are too–remember–we too suffer from FOMO–Fear Of Missing Out!!
    Keep writing and enjoying!
    Roger and Jane Boyce

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