Rain, rain, go away!!!

Yesterday, as you recall, I was out early to shoot the falls before the crowd started arriving.  That was successful.  I left the falls area and returned to my hotel just before noon and worked on the images I’d shot and did yesterday’s blog.  In the afternoon, I did a very touristy thing, I went on a boat ride that takes you under a portion of one of the lesser falls.  You get drenched.  It was raining but when you’re going to get drenched, it really doesn’t matter.  It reminded of a couple jet boat rides at Niagara-on-the-Lake in southern Ontario near Buffalo.

DSCN1206DSCN1209Also, yesterday morning while shooting at the falls, a couple stopped to talk photography with me.  They were serious amateurs like me and they spoke English.  Actually, the king’s English.  They are from Kent, England.  Later, I ran on to them at the hotel and we decided to have dinner together last night….and continue our photography discussion.

They were a delightful couple.  Both are recently retired family doctors in a town of 320 people.  We talked about lenses, cameras and where we’d like to go next on our travels.  All in all it was a very pleasant two hours.

This morning I was up at 6 for another chance to shoot a sunrise. It was overcast and threatening to rain.  I have quite a few of those kinds of shots taken yesterday so I decided to pack up, check out and head for Argentina.  The hotel provides transportation to the main gate of the park which is six miles from the hotel. From there they had a taxi waiting to take me to the bus terminal in Puerto Iguacu, Argentina.  What normally should have been about a 15 minute drive took nearly an hour and half.  They were running the Foz do Iguacu Marathon this morning and it started in town and ended near the hotel in the park.  Traffic was a nightmare but I wasn’t trying to make a plane so we sat and sat and sat until we could continue.

Bought my ticket at the bus terminal for $18 US and left at 11:30 for San Ignacio about four and a half hours south of the border.  Made a reservation at a hostel here (town’s about 2 and a half times the size of Girard…about 6300) and hope to shoot the blood moon tonight and visit the ruins of a couple of missions tomorrow.

I also caught up on my NFL picks for the weekend and followed a couple of games on line.  Isn’t the Internet wonderful.

Just took a look outside.  May not be a blood moon visible tonight.

More later.  Have a good week.

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1 Response to Rain, rain, go away!!!

  1. Lin Cook says:

    The Niagara Falls boat looks a little larger than your boat, but looks fun.

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