I have seen the future of Girard…and maybe your city!

While strolling through the ruins of three Jesuit missions here in San Ignacio and nearby in Santa Anna and Loreto.  I thought I envisioned the future of my hometown, Girard.  This vision may hold true for some of the cities and towns some of my other readers may live in.  Those from places other than Girard may not find this funny but then, my readers from Girard may not either.  I’m going to take a chance.


Buses will disgorge visitors to see what Girard used to be.  This photo was taken as a group left what used to be Girard National Bank.


Most of you will recognize this as the old State Farm Insurance wall after it collapsed onto the old Sauer’s lot.  Unfortunately, the Masonic Lodge above has already vanished from the second floor.


This, of course, is the former Chamber of Commerce office and Civic Center.  I can envision Julie Smith’s car parked in front.  So sorry it rusted away and isn’t in these historic scenes.


This is inside St. Michael’s with a sign showing were the stained glass windows used to be and the alter at the top.


Close-up of the alter.


Front of St. Michaels after a future addition was added.


Who would miss the drive-in window at First National Bank of Girard.  I can almost see John Lehman’s office toward the back.

Finally, three hundred years from now people will be flocking to our city.  Until then, I’m going to enjoy it as it is.

I leave tomorrow to return to the Argentine side of Iguacu Falls.

More later….

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