Off to southern Africa on Sept. 1st.

I’m leaving Sept. 1 for a month in southern Africa.  On this trip I’ll have my significant other’s great niece, Kassie Curran, (does that make her my significant other great niece-in-law?) traveling with me for the first  eleven days.  Kassie got her Master’s Degree from K-State a year ago and works in marketing for Cargill in Wichita.  That’s why she’s only with me for the first eleven days.  She’s got a JOB!

We leave together on Thursday, Sept. 1 and fly to Washington, D.C. where we connect for our flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.  We have a one-hour stop in Accra, Ghana before continuing.  We get into J-burg to late to pick up our 4-wheel drive truck on the 2nd so we’ll overnight near the airport and get our vehicle the next morning.

Most of the vehicles used for self-driving trips have their tents on top of the vehicle.  I guess that’s so we don’t get trampled by elephants roaming through the campground or attacked by something else.

After getting our two-hour orientation, we are headed to Botswana for our first night of camping.  We’ll be camping the majority of the time.  We expect to see a wide variety of wildlife along the way.  We’ll spend three nights in Chobe National Park where we’ll have four guided photo trips.  Two morning and two evening trips.  There’ll be both a morning and evening boat trip on the Chobe river and a morning and evening game drive.

Our last full day will be a side-trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  Kassie flies home from Kasane, Botswana on Sept 11 with stops in Johannesburg-Frankfurt, Germany-Chicago-and back to Kansas City.  It’s about a 31-hour trip home.

I will continue my trip in Botswana and then into Namibia. Traveling by myself and camping most of the time.  I leave Windhoek, Namibia on Oct. 3 with stops in Johannesburg-Frankfort-Toronto-and back to Kansas City.

I’m home for two weeks and then leave again on Oct. 20 for a trip to South Georgia Island in the south Atlantic. It’s about 1000 miles east of Argentina and 500 miles northeast of Antartica.   I fly to Santiago, Chile where I meet up with 99 other folks.  We’ll fly to the Falklands where we pick up our boat for our trip south.  We stop in the Falklands for three days on the return before arriving back in Ushuaia, Argentina.  I fly home on Nov. 7 through Buenos Aires and then back to Kansas City.

I’ll try to post from Africa whenever there’s a good signal.  Once I board the Sea Spirit in the Falklands I won’t have internet service available on the South Georgia trip.

Any questions or comments are welcome.



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2 Responses to Off to southern Africa on Sept. 1st.

  1. Janet says:

    This sounds amazing! Be safe and have fun.

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  2. linda says:

    Exciting adventure

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