Iguacu Falls–Argentina side

Today is my last day in South America.  I have a taxi picking my up at 9:30 for my trip across the border back into Brazil.  I expect to get my helicopter ride in today.  Yesterday I spent the day at the Falls on the Argentine side.  It had rained the night before and was very overcast yesterday morning.  As the day progressed, it turned very sunny and warm.

My hostel is about five blocks from the bus station so after breakfast I walked to the bus station and bought a round trip ticket to the park (100 pesos-about $10).  The cost to enter the park is 260 pesos…cash, no credit cards, no US$…just cash in pesos.  Depending on where you exchange your money that’s about $25-$27.  The official bank rate is about 9 pesos per dollar but people want US dollars so badly, you can get up to 16 pesos for the dollar on the street.  The most I got was 14 and several times I got 10-11 pesos per dollar.

Anyway, at Iguacu Falls-Argentina there is a lot more walking than on the Brazilian side.  From the entrance there’s a train that takes you close to the largest falls…Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) then there is a walkway of about 250 meters (750 yards) to the edge overlooking the falls.

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