It’s a gorge…ous morning!

After spending Sunday self-driving through the Rhino Sanctuary we made it to our overnight destination in time for dinner.  I had reserved a chalet with two twin beds but when we arrived, it was a single double bed.  Kassie got the bed…I got the truck!  The chalet was powered by solar power so lights were extremely dim.  There was a list of rules most of which dealt with how soon your energy would drop to nothing if you turned on a hair dryer (I was safe on that one) and to only turn on one light at a time because when the power was used up, it was gone.

When we checked in we arranged for a guide to take us to the gorge at 7am the next morning.  Our guide was at the entrance promptly at 7…as were we.  Guides are required to go into the gorge.  Once underway, it was obvious why.



Tiko was required to go to 6 months of training before getting this job.  He was quite knowledgeable about local vegetation and also let me know he had a first-aid kit in his backpack.  Along the trail, there are a couple of places you had to hold onto a cable buried into the rock to get back to the trail.  We crossed several small streams by moving from rock to rock.




There are three waterfalls along the trail.  The first is rather nondescript.  Second a little more interesting and the third is quite beautiful.  Not Niagara Falls but interesting nonetheless.  This is waterfall #2.


This is waterfall #3.



The trip is 45 minutes up and 45 minutes down and we were on our way out of Moremi Gorge about 6 hours to Elephant Sands Campsite.  On our wait out of town we saw this man making bricks.  I stopped and ask permission to take his picture.  He said he makes 30 bricks a day.



Also, saw this home with watermelons for sale.


All along the road, little kids hollered at us and waved.

We got to Elephant Sands mid afternoon.  The place has a waterhole and elephants come to drink….literally feet from the restaurant/patio.

We also drove ourselves around the area looking for elephants in the wild and not at the waterhole.  They also wander through the campsite where we were set-up.


Sunset just outside the camp….


Our next stop is in Kasane near the Zimbabwe, Zambian border.  More on that later.






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