Hungry, Hungry Hippo!

Kassie and I arrived in Kasane Tuesday morning.  I had made arrangements for four photo tours with Pangolin Photo Tours.  We had two boat trips and two game drives.  One each in the morning and one each in the afternoon.

We had the first one Tuesday afternoon on the boat.  Pangolin supplies each person on the boat (six of us) with a Nikon D7000 camera and a 150-500mm lens.  I used my own equipment but Kassie used the one supplied.


Our guide was Charl.  He did an excellent job of helping Kassie get started with what is not a “beginner’s” set-up.  The boat is equipped with a gimballed mount and swivel seats so the camera remains relative steady and you can swing from one side of the boat to the other.  As she took pictures, Charl walked back and forth between everyone helping where needed…and identifying the birds we were getting.  We didn’t need much help on the animals.  These are fish eagles.  Similar to our bald eagles.


We cruised the Chobe Riverfront looking at crocodiles.  This one would make a good purse or pair of boots, according to the other couple on the boat.


There were numerous hippopotamus on the island in the river and in the water.  These guys are big!



This is one hungry, hungry hippo!

The were herds of cape buffalo, as well.


Here is a selection of several birds we photographed.




This is a Glossy Ibis with a mussel he captured.

I’m quite please with these images but the “image of the day” goes to Kassie.  We were shooting this Malachite Kingfisher.  We’d followed it from branch to branch.  Finally, it settled on a branch and I fired away.


It moved again and then another malochite kingfisher, presumably the mother, came in landed and passed a small fish to the other.  Only Kassie nailed the shot!


Hopefully, this loads quickly.  I’ve had a lot of difficulties sending anything with photos until arriving yesterday, Monday the 12th, at Audi Camp.  The internet seems much faster here.






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  1. Ashley Ervin says:

    Awesome Dad!

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