It’s just water over the Falls!

Today is Kassie’s last full day in Africa.  We’re going to spend it in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls.  Our driver picked us up at our campground about 8am.  When we arrived at the border, another driver took over…helped us through immigration and drove us to town.  Our driver also had another couple…a young pair from Mozambique…and we headed to Victoria Falls.  As we drove, we worked out our schedule.  Obviously, we were there to see the falls but we also wanted to see them from a helicopter.  Kassie was also interested in trying ziplining.  Our driver coordinated our plans with the other couples and met us at each location, moved us to the next and arranged for everything we wanted to do.

This time of year is when Victoria Falls is at it’s lowest.  In the winter and early spring the falls are a torrent but due to the high volume you can’t see the falls for the spray.  Later, when the volume drops you can see the falls but they’re not as impressive.  They are still quite a sight to see.

Here are an assortment of pictures first from the ground.



Then we have lunch at the Victoria Falls Hotel.  A great old place that is still full of class.



We had lunch on the patio.  I tried the crocodile masala with noodles.  Pretty good!

Then we were off to the heliport.


That’s us…actually, our shadow…over a head of cows, I think.



After the helicopter ride, we were off to the zipline.


Then Kassie made her way to the launch site.


And a big smile when she was pulled back to the top.

Later we headed back across the border and our day was done.

On Sunday, I switched trucks from one agency to another for the rest of my trip.  I took Kassie to the airport in Kasane and she began the 30 hour trip back to Kansas.  She was a great person to travel with.  It was a tremendous experience for both of us.

I continue on…..






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3 Responses to It’s just water over the Falls!

  1. Lin Cook says:

    It all looks so beautiful and interesting.

  2. Ron Gordon says:

    Thanks, I just started enjoying your photos. I like the animal ones, but I’m really enjoying the camping ones with the various toilets and whatnot. I was going to try the bungee jump at Victoria Falls but we were busy. We also took the helicopter ride over the falls. We met you at Chobe Safari Lodge.

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