Amplification is sometimes necessary.

A couple of additions to previous posts.  One my post about our game drives in Chobe National Park, I had meant to mention the monkeys we saw.  First were the vervets.  They are scavangers.


These cute little monkeys will steal your food and toiletries if you aren’t careful.  When we got out of our safari truck in Chobe for coffee and rust (hard cake that becomes eatable when dunked in coffee) we watched as the vervets jumped in the truck looking for food.

We also saw quite a few Chacma baboons.  In trees and on the ground.  These images are from Kassie.


Kassie also got this shot of three giraffe on the back side of these bushes.


We also saw these sable antelope.


Here’s a nice photo of impala, zebra and elephants all grazing together.


Finally, we saw quite a few kudu and I’ve shown you some of them already but I liked this shot with all the birds on this one’s back.


Hope you have a great weekend.  I am!


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