First day of Round-the-World Trip-Moscow

I started my around-the-world, three-month trip on Thursday departing Dallas-Ft. Worth airport at 7:45am with a connection at JFK in New York.  We were late leaving New York and arrived in Moscow at 8am instead of 6:25am which meant the drive to the hotel took twice as long during rush hour.  Clearing Immigration, which went quickly, and getting my luggage, which didn’t go quickly, it was 9am before heading for my hotel.  It’s was 10:30 when we got there and this was with a private car and driver.  I’m staying at a small hotel, PEOPLE Red Square Hotel and this is a 10-image panorama of the Kremlin I shot from across the street.  I had taken some images during the day from this same location but they didn’t measure up to this blue hour group.

I’m here for four nights then I start my trip on the Trans Siberian Railway across Russia.  From Russia it’s Mongolia, Vietnam, New Zealand and Australia.

Don’t forget you can click on the image to enlarge it.


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1 Response to First day of Round-the-World Trip-Moscow

  1. Greg Carroll says:

    Very cool! Looking forward to following your adventure!

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