They’re NOT bigger in Texas!

This is one of the grasshopper’s that hangs out near the dining room.


It’s hard to tell from the picture but this one is 6-7″ (INCHES) long.  It’s a BIG one!

Yesterday we drove to Quiones…a surf town about 45 minutes south of were we’re staying.  We had to ford two small rivers.  This is the shallowest one about 12-18″ deep.


There is a group Christian Surfers of Costa Rica camped out across from the beach this weekend.  We went out in the morning about 6am for about 2 1/2 hours until the beach started getting crowded then we headed south to Quiones and then back to our hotel.  Last night we drove to a nearby cove to shoot some sunset images.  The first couple are from a cliff overlooking these volcanic rocks with the surf hitting them.

20170218-_i3a7957 20170218-_i3a7965

The last one is from on the volcanic rocks in the cove.


Watched this guy walk down the beach this morning balancing his surfboard.  Thought it was interesting.


Two of our party of nine left yesterday.  Four more headed back to the Outer Banks today.  The last of us….three…leave tomorrow, first for Houston and then back to Dallas about midnight.

Until next time.



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